Cygwin apache – Getting it to run

Tried to get lighttpd under cygwin to run applications using fastcgi, but that didn’t work out too well.  So resorted to trying apache and normal cgi under cygwin. The idea was to have an environment that more or less replicates what my Sheeva Plug has so that when it comes to deployment, it would be much easier.

Well using cygwin to install apache2 was easy getting it to run was not. So if you are having problems running apache using the “apachectl2 start” command and getting errors like Bad System Call $HTTPD -f ARGV . Its most likely due to cygserver is not running.

So just run cygserver-config in your bash prompt. Set it up to run as a service, and then just net start cygserver. Run apache again using /usr/sbin/apachectl2 start.

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One Comment on “Cygwin apache – Getting it to run”

  1. gavenkoa Says:

    I have same issue.

    I run Win7 so can not easy run *cygserver-config*.

    To workaround Win7 permission I run:

    $ cygstart -a runas mintty
    mintty# cygserver-config

    Thanks for tips!

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